Beautifully illustrated and imaginative wallpaper for children's rooms.

Woven Cotton Big Cats Blanket


Bring a little bit of the jungle indoors with these beautifully woven Big Cats blankets, soft but sturdy with a lovely fringed edge. 

They make gorgeous blankets but can also be displayed as wall-hangings, or used for the most fabulous of picnics.  The surface area is approximately that of a standard UK double bed.

Price includes packaging and postage within the UK.  International shipping £10-£20 depending on total weight of order.

Composition: 95% cotton (comprising of 70% recycled cotton).  5% polyester, which occurs in the recycling of cotton.

Size: 178cm x 137cm (70in x 54in)

Care: Cold wash on a gentle cycle, dry on a cool cycle or line dry.