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Patterns in Nature Posted on 7 Jul 12:22

Of the many aspects involved in designing wallpaper, one I find particularly satisfying is the creation of a pattern which, once repeated, becomes more than the sum of its parts; in the nature of the repeat you can create movement, dynamism, harmony and an immersive environment. 

Since my first foray into pattern design as a freelance textile designer, I have come to notice patterns in my surroundings more than ever and of course nature, once again, provides the most beautiful, unusual and inspiring examples.

Patterns in nature - different shaped leaves

Plants feature in much of my work, providing a perfect excuse to visit my favourite place in London, Kew Gardens, in the name of research.  Here I continually discover new species (new to me, anyway), their unique shapes and patterns never fail to inspire me.  Even the seemingly simple leaf comes in such an array of forms, colours and arrangements, as my little leaf montage above and the gorgeous examples below demonstrate!

Patterns in Nature - Tropical patterned leaf

Patterns in Nature - Dotty tropical plant

Patterns in Nature - lotus leaves

Cacti and succulents display a wealth of patterns and hues, something which has seen them widely represented in print design and illustration recently.  It's easy to see how so many people have found inspiration in their weird and wonderful forms.

Patterns in Nature - different shaped cacti

The greenhouses of Kew Gardens are home to thousands of tropical plants and trees, from the giant palms in the Victorian Palm House, to the tiny delicate orchids found in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, and all manner of marvelous species inbetween...offering endless opportunities for pattern discovery.

Patterns in Nature - palm tree

Patterns in Nature - unusual berries

Patterns in Nature - unusual ginger flower

Patterns in Nature - pink and purple tropical plant

Patterns in Nature - unusual patterned flower

Patterns in Nature - beautiful dotty orchid