Beautifully illustrated and imaginative wallpaper for children's rooms.

Calculating and Hanging Wallpaper

While we recommend hiring a professional to ensure perfect results, hanging our non-woven papers is straightforward, as the wall is pasted (as opposed to the paper) and the paper can be re-positioned easily if necessary.  Full hanging instructions are included with each roll.


Calculating the Quantity Needed

Our wallpaper designs feature half-drop repeating patterns.  For example, the Big Cats paper has a pattern repeat of 52cm (the width of the roll) x 70cm.  The half-drop nature of the design means that with each wallpaper strip lined up on the wall, the pattern drops down by half (35cm) for the next, in order to join with the adjacent strip.


Please get in touch at for help calculating the quantity needed, or ask a professional wallpaper fitter.  We are working on a wallpaper-quantity-calculator for the website!